As noted on the Rockies to Iraqi page, our nomadic adventures have often been determined by factors outside of our control.  Our 7 plus years in Salt Cay together & the time spent living and working on Ometeppe Island in Nicaragua will always be cherished memories of our own experiences living in a “tropical paradise”. 

It had always been a dream of mine to live and work on the ocean and find a remote quiet place to live simply - and this dream was realized 100 fold by living on Salt Cay-and later, as we searched for another home on Ometeppe Island.

We both loved it, we often-times wondered when and if we might wake up and discover it was all just a dream. We learned a lot-about life and survival on a forgotten, remote and isolated desert island, as well as about ourselves and our capacity for adapting and surviving -if not thriving- in a foreign outpost often considered by the rest of the world as ‘undeveloped’ and ‘in the middle of nowhere’ -which of course it was and which is exactly why I fell in love with both of these tiny tropical outposts!  I learned how to be happy with virtually no “things”!  The less you have- the more you LIVE! I try to carry that with me now everywhere.

As our businesses catered to travelers and tourists -as well as the few locals who dwelled on the islands with us, we had the privilege of having the worlds’ travellers come to us, without leaving our one of a kind existence and homes.  As such, We had the gift of learning about a full spectrum of humanity there as well. I will always love and cherish the friends we made and the time we spent living in these places and I will always carry the gift of knowing myself better because of my life on Salt Cay-and our forays to Ometeppe Island in Nicaragua.

I learned so many life lessons there, which I believe could not have been learned anywhere else. Only when one experiences living each breath with nothing but the water, the wind and skies embracing you -so far away from the things of man, -can you understand the inner peace - and indomitable spirit -of your own soul! I wish everyone had that chance. I know I’m a better human being for that experience. The following are photos from those times and places. Share the love!

 Our ‘Stormy’ Adventures In Salt Cay and Nicaragua- A Tale of 2 Islands & 2 Souls...