The memories of my life and times on Salt cay deserve it’s own space and time for some heartfelt expressions of gratitude. Although I only lived on this tiny salt encrusted speck of an island for 71/2  years,  I feel like I literally grew up on Salt Cay.  It began as a terribly traumatic and tragic event, where I questioned my own existence and doubted life itself. But the nature of Salt cay is not just of solitude, but of nurturing and healing as well.  For there is nothing else to do there than marvel at the natural beauty and let the solitude allow you to hear yourself. For the first time in my life- I could hear myself think and allow myself to feel-something besides doubt and fear and loneliness. I accepted myself because the island -and in time- it’s people-accepted me.

So, from the pain and anguish of my beginnings there,  sprang something wholly unexpected and yet deeply and hungrily needed and so very richly rewarding beyond my wildest dreams. I found the greatest treasure a Mermaid could ever hope to find. I found my own joy for life and the courage to love life and seek it without fear.

I suppose this is the potential of most tragic events and situations. The force of will and survival reveals itself only when necessary and yet it is essential for understanding and appreciating the beauty and profound joys of simply living and accepting life- and GROWING. I not only survived great troubles but I faced my own fears and dared to dream again. This little forgotten outpost allowed me to heal and accept myself. For this it will always remain my personal haven -a place where I received salvation from myself and gave myself up to something bigger than I could even imagine. I was embraced by life there, and accepted and loved for who I was and am, for the first time in my life. Perhaps because it was so unexpected I’ve cherished it even more. I’ve ‘lived’ many places and done many things. But nothing changed me and improved me so deeply as my time on Salt Cay.

So Salt Cay was my personal “hatchery”  like the young shark pups who are born in the shallows of a nearby Long Cay, who congregate and are nourished in protected isolation, I was ‘reborn’ on that tiny desert island called Salt Cay. 

I also found my “match and mate” who unwittingly became my battle buddy on Salt Cay! Or rather He found me! But thats an entirely different story- deserving of it’s OWN many colorful pages! Paul and I met on Salt Cay, where we went through hell and high water together, and where we danced alone ‘neath the stars by the ocean while humpbacked whales leapt beyond the passage -and shared each others’ heartaches and dreams  - as partners, lovers and friends. And Through it all -or perhaps because of it all- we’re still together.

Who could ever ask for more than this?  This is my pictorial tribute to Salt Cay -and the Soul of Every Wanderer in search of themselves and a place to call home!  To Love and Life!

Remembering Salt Cay- Of B&Bs, Bread-Making and Whale-Watching