Rare Private ATOCHA Emerald Collection –Personal Division from 1995 finds


     A select group of certified artifact quality Colombian emeralds –which were recovered by Mel Fisher’s sub contractors in 1995 are being offered for sale by the owner, Michele Wells, who is one of the original salvors who helped recover them.

     These Emeralds have an extraordinary history. Over 390 years ago they were extracted from the still productive Muzo mines of Colombia, according to one of the survivors of the shipwreck, a young stowaway who testified during his courts martial that these emeralds were contraband -and were smuggled onboard the  ill-fated ATOCHA galleon by the Captain.

     In September of 1622 the ATOCHA met her tragic fate during a series of hurricanes –which sank 9 ships of the Terre Firma flota returning to Spain. Both the Almirante and Capitana of the fleet were lost. The ATOCHA was located by the Spanish shortly after her sinking, but another hurricane bore down on the Salvage efforts and after the second storm demolished her exposed masts she remained lost until 1985, when Melvin Fisher and his family and  his treasure hunting company “Salvors Inc.” located her again -after an arduous, costly and painful 16 year search..

     Mel Fisher was later awarded full title to the shipwreck by the U.S. Supreme court after battling the State of Florida and Government officials claimed it belonged to the state. The Fisher family continues to run the business and the museums it created in Key West and Sebastian Florida, where today dozens of salvors continue to search for and recover ancient shipwrecks along the coastline – working sites that were located a generation ago but never fully recovered or explored including the ongoing search for the remainder of treasure lost with the ATOCHA.

     Since 1985, search efforts continue for the remainder of the ATOCHA and her companion ships. My company was subcontracted for the season of 1995 by another subcontract group and our crew located a very large portion of the emeralds. These emeralds offered for sale represent  my personal collection.

     This collection consists of  three [3] fully certified, uncut, artifact quality emeralds, varying in size from 1.62 carat to over 3 carats each and include the signed Certificates of Authenticity from Motivation Inc. -a Fisher Family Salvage company. Each one is signed by Mel Fisher, Deo Fisher, Dr. Eugene Lyons [Historian] and Catherine Gaither [Archeologist]. They are all of a very good grade -which was determined at the time of the division by Motivation Inc. Mel Fisher's company which created and developed the first and only extensive and comprehensive internationally recognized marine artifact evaluation process.

     I am offering them for sale -as a group or individually and at an extraordinarily discounted value. I am seeking interested collectors of integrity who appreciate what these emeralds signify and symbolize.

I hope that you  will enjoy and appreciate them as much as I have!

Private viewings may be arranged with prior advance notice.

Thank You!

Michele L. Wells

Cert# 95A– 63005   wt. 1.62    Class  1C   Price: $ 3,500.00
Cert# 95A– 62464   wt. 2.81   Class 1C    Price: $ 6,100.00
Cert# 95A– 62463    wt.  3.33   Class 1C   Price: $ 7,100.00

Total collection price: $16,700.00

Insured delivery included

M.L. Wells

Tele: [719]-219-5705

Email: michele@seaone.org


Updated 18 Oct 2010